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 Midwest Book Review:  January 2016

"Sundogs A to Z" is an alphabet board book for preschoolers with a fresh emphasis, featuring a collection of 26 brightly colored sundogs, named after each letter of the alphabet, each engaged in happy activities (also beginning with their name letter) in their own mini-story. Young children will quickly engage and expand pre-reading skills while enjoying the playful alliterative word use and funny pictures and stories. Thus we meet Auggie, who adds apples, Bo, who barks for biscuits, and Coco who catches a cold. Even more unusual, at the end, we meet Winnie, who waits for water, Xavier who X's his XOXOs, Yogi, who yelps for yogurt, and Zeke, who zigs and zags. Each dog is a different bright color, and resembles a different breed. The Sundogs are featured in a series by author, and readers interested in Sundogs BOGO (Buy One Give One) Program to benefit pet- related charity organizations and children's reading programs.


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